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Yakult packaging for the new gen

How might we re-establish Yakult as the incumbent probiotics cultured milk drink as well as communicate its competitive advantage from its longstanding research and experience in the field?

Yakult was first introduced to Singaporeans in 1979, and has been a household name for digestive health since then.

Their philosophy of contributing to the health and happiness of people around the world through pursuit of excellence in life sciences resonated with Singaporeans, and their cultured milk was a beverage to look forward to enjoying.

Similar brands soon came into play and diluted Yakult’s share of the market. This included losing their original brand colour to a prominent competitor, successfully confusing customers with two very similar brands with very little understanding of any difference other than taste and price.

Yakult's Value Proposition
Yakult packaging Design adaptation

A re-alignment of Yakult’s packaging consolidated the products under the Yakult brand

The brand had a strong visibility on retail shelves, and customers could now easily navigate their range of offerings according to their needs.

Yakult packaging design adaptation

Since the packaging refresh, sales numbers increased due to better visibility of the product on the shelves.

Together with clearer communication of the brand’s key selling points – their global presence and exclusive probiotic strain – the new packaging design gave them a competitive edge in the market.

We continued to support Yakult with branding and marketing collaterals to strengthen the brand communication and delight customers.

Yakult propagation brochure
Yakult Corporate Polo Shirt

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