Humankind Design

About us

Why we exist

We believe good design can accelerate the advancement of humanity.

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How we do good design

We unearth profound insights to help us craft meaningful strategies for organizations in health & wellness, environmental, social or sustainability sectors.

What we do

Discover better ways of living through design.

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Where we aspire to be

A creative ecosystem that collaborates through research & design in areas that impact lives.

Our guiding principles



We will constantly remind ourselves to have empathy for every life-form and object. This will bring about a diverse and inclusive community.

Sustainable Branding


We will find ways to increase our awareness to acquire a broader and longer term perspectives about how we constantly affects people and nature around us. We will seek this balance in things we design through a sharing and strategic mindset.



We are the explorer that constantly practice to "see" things from a fresh eyes and mind.

Our team

Design Director


Design Director

I uplift and unravel the creative potential of our team of talents through leadership and experience in the field.

I create and inspire our collective vision and cultivate the culture for creativity to thrive, all in contribution to the design and strategic needs of our clients and partners alike.

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Ju Hu


My role is like an Alchemist, I transmute insights to strategy.

We know the importance of having a great strategy tailored for your brand, to get it from point A to point B in the most efficient manner. I am the Alchemist who distills every strategy along my journey and synthesises my diverse work experiences for businesses.

Design Manager


Design Manager

I am a translator, I close the gap between the visual and viewers.

I manage the deliverables of your brand to ensure its consistency with your brand messaging. At the same time, bridge the gap between viewers and your brand with thoughtful communicative materials.

Design Researcher


Design Researcher

I am a multidisciplinary practitioner working in the expanded field of art and design.

Currently, I work as a design researcher in Humankind Design, where I am endeavoring to develop a knowledge base on cultural study in design to encourage positive change within the design ecosystem.




I’m Sharpie and I’m in charge of Human Relations at Humankind Design.

Everyone is always very happy to see me so I’m paaawfectly splendid at my job. I’m a team player and I work well with my slaves-, sorry I meant co-workers. The hardest part of my job is having to perform a task before I can get my treats, are you kitten me?

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