Entity Health — Supplements

Back your healthspan with science and innovation

→ Packaging design
→ Collateral design

How might we communicate Entity’s value in innovation and novelty amongst the crowded retail space.

Entity is a nutraceutical brand that develops therapies and products that combat the ravages of aging and improves the quality of lives. They strive to combine innovative formulations and delivery systems to bring science-based nutraceuticals that improve health right down to the cellular level. 

Entity had developed a strong brand identity, but was lacking in optimising their packaging for clear communication and visibility on the retail shelves.

They had a patented wafer structure that delivers active ingredients into the body quickly, effectively and with high bioavailability, there was opportunity to differentiate themselves with a first-mover advantage.

We began the project by auditing their hero product that uses their patented sublingual delivery technology.

The creation was a design and structure that communicated innovation, novelty, and can be easily integrated into the modern lifestyle.

The packaging revamp created visual consistency for brand recognition and visibility on retail shelves.

A new look for the collaterals were also developed for the brand to speak to their intended audiences in a manner that was relevant and engaging. With the foundation in place, the brand quickly picked up for communication in-store and online.

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