Marano — Furniture

Redefining mindscapes in cherished homes

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How might we establish a new entrant in luxury furniture and communicate their value on the digital playing field.

Marano is a high-end furniture brand with a portfolio of luxury furniture with an aspiration to promote budding and talented designers in the Asia Pacific region.

As the world closed due to the pandemic, they sought to make their presence known primarily in the digital world. The challenge was to establish the Marano brand in the highly competitive luxury market, despite these unusual circumstances, and set the stage for them to fulfil their vision for the business.

The Marano team had a unique vision to uplift budding and talented designers, giving them a platform that included Marano’s wealth of experience in the manufacturing process and access to high quality materials.

However, this posed a challenge where they did not have a strong creative direction. Instead, the opportunity lies in embracing the collaborative nature of their design process, especially the contribution of the designers and craftsmen.

We created a visual system that the brand could express itself for an immersive experience in both the digital and physical realms, ensuring that it was future-ready and pandemic-proof.

We enjoyed embracing Marano’s unique vision that pushed us to create a brand that transcended space and time. During the process, it also opened up the world of luxury furniture design and we learned about many prolific furniture designers in recent history. We were especially inspired by the Italian furniture design culture and its collaborative nature combined with a strong personal view of the world.

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