Startup Kit - Branding essentials for startups

Workshop & Consultation package


Sprints are designed to help you frame, test, and refine your ideas to achieve product-market fit.
Let’s go through our warm ups.

For entrepreneurs and startups at ideation or early stage.

What you’ll get:

👟 1 x Workshop

⌚️ 4 x Weekly Check-ins


Select one workshop; we'll dive into frameworks and co-create your proposition, setting the pace for success.

Problem Statement

Discover and articulate the core challenges your business or project aims to address.

Value Proposition

Identify and define the unique benefits and value your product or service offers to audiences.

Finding Radical Differentiation

Explore innovative ways to set your offering apart in a crowded marketplace.

Your 'Why'

Uncover the deeper purpose and driving motivation behind your business or idea.

Weekly Check-Ins

It can’t be all talks, actions drive results, we become your pacers to ensure we reach your goals together.


Get empowered to own your progress and take action that matters.


Customizing key performance indicators to track and measure meaningful progress.


Collaborative sessions to identify and address potential oversights.


Continuously refining and evolving propositions for optimal outcomes.

Lace Up 👟

Collect your essential race packs, and reimagine what you could achieve in a month together.

Let's go

Why Sprint?

Building a new business or brand can be overwhelming and lonely.

Navigating Uncertainties

We don't know what we don't know, the trial and error approach often consumes significant time and resources on paths previously proven ineffective by others.

Check & Balance

Maintaining objectivity is challenging, we need external validation and critical analysis of ideas and strategies.

Premature Scaling

In high-stakes situations, it's easy to be swayed into scaling prematurely, reacting to distractions, peeling our focus away from our goals.

Redesigning the Startup Journey

How do we support startups and new ventures better?

Problem-centric Methodology

Begin with a deep understanding of the problem statement, this will be our north star to help us stay on track, offering visibility to our destinations.

Startup Pacers

We need dedicated startup pacers who are truly there to support each other, offering genuine, hands-on guidance.

Lean Iteration

We embrace a lean approach. With a feedback-driven process to refine ideas, we ensure market alignment before scaling.

Why it matters


You have limited runway

Resources in startups are typically scarce. Validation ensures that efforts and investments are channeled towards endeavors with the highest potential return.


Window of opportunity

The longer they operate on assumptions without validation, the deeper the potential misalignment with the market could become, leading to exacerbated risks and missed opportunities.


Feedback Loop

Early validation creates feedback loops with the target audience, providing invaluable insights for product development and market positioning, critical for strategic decision-making and agility in responding to market dynamics.

Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop is at the core of the Lean Startup model.”

— Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

Your pacers

Soh Ju Hu


10 years in Business Development + Strategy

Jemima Song


6 years in Creative Direction + Design

Discovery Call 🤙

In pursuit of mastery, each member of Humankind Design dedicates some time each week for anyone who wishes to ask questions related to their expertise. These sessions are non-chargeable.

We meet you at your stage of growth

Our solutions support your business at every stage of growth, from start-up to enterprise.

Startup Kit - Branding essentials for startups


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