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You have validated your offering and gained good traction - Now is the time to build your rocket that can activate and launch your brand to new heights.

For established businesses and growing startups at growth stage or after product-market fit.

What you’ll get:

🚀 2 x Workshops
📒 1 x Brand Kit
🧑‍🚀 4 x Monthly Check-ins

*Eligible for Singapore Enterprise Development Grant


Embark on an exciting voyage with our 2-part branding workshop where we will co-create with your team to craft a remarkable brand.

Brand Language

Customized to your team's needs, this session aligns everyone in understanding and stewarding the brand, preparing them for the mission.

Brand Discovery

Explore and define your brand's unique position in the market universe, aligning the team to foster ownership and commitment.

Brand Kit

Every business needs an operating system and manual to launch, manage, and grow a brand.

Brand Story

A narrative framework that captures the essence, values, and journey of your brand.

Brand Guide

A comprehensive manual defining your brand's visual and verbal identity standards.

Brand Activation Plan

Strategic roadmap outlining steps to introduce and establish your brand in the market.

Brand Applications

Practical examples and templates demonstrating how to apply your brand across various touchpoints.

Monthly Check-ins

Let's perform our routine safety checks and calibration, ensuring your rockets are ready for launch to explore new market realms.


Fostering action and commitment to drive transformative results.


Ensuring strategic plans are effectively executed for brand growth.


Guiding teams to effectively embody and apply branding principles.


Maintaining team unity to protect and strengthen the brand.

Humankind Testimonial

Derrick C.


"Like most start-ups, we had our hands full and I knew clearly that having our brand story told correctly from the beginning was critical and it can only be a story told from an external pair of eyes. Humankind first conducted a detailed fact find of our company, drilling deep into each team member - what the company has been doing and what it stood for.

This was followed by a series of branding workshop to crystallize who we are as a company and how do we tell it and sell it. The team also designed our company’s logo, created our branding pack and did copies of outward facing material to our targeted customers.

Branding and marketing are 2 separate skill sets not to be mistaken as the same - Humankind clearly delivered a brand strategy."

Ready, Lift-Off 💨

Let’s discover new horizons for your brand together. Connect with us to chart your course to success.

Let's go

Why Branding?

Having a business doesn’t mean we can rally our audiences or tap into our full potential.

Smart Competitors

In a world where choices abound, brands risk getting lost amidst savvy competitors and distracted audiences.

Inconsistent identity

Without a strategic anchor, inconsistent messaging weakens your brand's presence and memorability.

Lack Internal Alignment

Disjointed objectives and priorities within teams can lead to a fragmented brand strategy and execution.

Redesigning the Brand Building journey

Fueling with strategy for a quality long-haul flight.

Strategic Planning

Map out a distinct brand identity, targeting accurately and maintaining a consistent brand narrative.

Consistent Messaging

Develop a clear and reliable communication strategy, reinforcing your brand's image steadily over time.

Sense of Ownership

Cultivate team unity and shared commitment to your brand vision, ensuring a cohesive and robust identity

Why it matters



The best marketing is to transform customers into advocates with a brand that speaks for itself.


Quality Actions

The difference between average outcomes and exceptional results is having a strategic plan.


Competitive Advantage

By building an irreplaceable level of trust with your audience, you will have a true competitive edge that cannot be replicated.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

— Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine

Your pilots

Soh Ju Hu


10 years in Business Development + Strategy

Jemima Song


6 years in Creative Direction + Design

Discovery Calls 🤙

In pursuit of mastery, each member of Humankind Design dedicates some time each week for anyone who wishes to ask questions related to their expertise. These sessions are non-chargeable.


We've got A's for your Q's

I am running a startup, do I need branding?

Yes — if you have figured out a target audience that is willing to pay for your product/service and would like to reach out to as many of them in a strategic manner.

No — if you are still working on your product/service offerings and trying to nail who your target audience is. At this stage, your brand doesn't need widespread awareness (yet) and would likely focus more on identifying the potential audiences that care about what you can offer.

How do you manage my risk of this investment?

The perceived risk of investing in branding is high because of the sentiment that it is expensive and does not yield tangible outcomes.

We understand that it is not easy to consider branding and strategy while having limited resources—however, it is the very situation of having limited resources that makes strategy absolutely necessary. Without a strong brand and a strategic plan, your customers can and might easily pivot to other brands.

Is this eligible for Enterprise Development Grant?

Yes, our consultant is a professional Practising Management Consultant (PMC) who is recognised by Enterprise Singapore. You are able to get up to 80% reimbursement for the total project fee. You will also need to meet the following criteria to qualify for EDG:

  • Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore.
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding.
  • Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project.

For more information, visit here

Will branding help to grow my business?

To accelerate any business for good, you will need solid products/services, a strategic business positioning and a well-aligned team. Branding amplifies your communication to reach all your target audiences, including attracting new talents. This helps to accelerate your brand awareness and cultivate a strong competitive advantage.

In reality, any business will only achieve some these elements over time. Great companies can achieve all of these, usually over a significant period of time. Our aim is to help you get there, as swiftly as possible.

What if I just want better logo?

Yes, we can design just the logo. This is typically useful if you are an early stage startup doing market testing and need a functional logo to reach out to small groups of audiences.

The brand strategy is a holistic process that helps to discover the potential of creating a great brand with a unique & timeless visual identity.

We meet you at your stage of growth

Our solutions support your business at every stage of growth, from start-up to enterprise.

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