Oeteo — Baby apparels

Putting the joy back into parenthood, one apparel at a time

→ Market & Audience Research

→ Brand Audit & Discovery

→ Brand Identity
→ Collateral Design

How might we discover and communicate an aspirational brand for expecting parents that puts the joy back in parenting?

The OETEO story began with the founders themselves wrestling with unruly rompers and an upset child, figuring there has to be a better way to design these tiny apparels for their bundle of joy.

Their creation of fuss-free and thoughtfully designed baby apparel was one-of-a-kind, and their challenge lay in strategically positioning themselves against a global landscape of mass-produced baby apparel.

Despite having innovative products and an ambitious vision for the future, the OETEO team lacked alignment in what they stood for and where they wanted to go. It started with looking into what OETEO as a great brand sounds like.

We crafted a brand that reflected the vision of the founders and aligned it with the innovation they invest into every products.

We enjoyed hearing of the parenting experiences from the founders themselves, and the stories were a mix of horror and humour, an inevitable result of a little human being newly exploring the world. We sought to translate these precious moments into the way the brand could manifest.

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