Ministry of Fitness — Gym

Authentic, realistic and arduous functional fitness

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How might we inspire the working crowd to take up Ministry of Fitness’ military workouts as part of their everyday lifestyle?

Ministry of Fitness is a fitness gym born out of the founders’ love for the creative yet functional fitness routines they enjoyed while training in the British military.

When the pandemic hit, they experienced a loss of participants as they were forced to move their program online. Despite their unique origins, they did not communicate their differentiation strongly and were at the effect of increasing competition in the fitness industry.

As the founders came from military backgrounds, it gave the brand legitimacy, but also at first seemed intimidating. However, after participants tried it out, the offerings became enjoyable and with a holistic positive effect on physical and mental health.

The brand story developed aligned with the hearts and minds of their audiences, and strengthened the spirit of their community.

The result was a visual style that highlighted the military origins of the MF fitness regime and communicated its unique origin and differentiation in their offerings. The graphic system inspired by the logo translated to the various categories offered by the brand - Creating opportunity for a community to not only explore the different offerings, but also come together under one identity.

The goal was a foundation to bring together a community of like-minded individuals inspiring and motivating each other towards fitness as an integral part of their lives.

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