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Brand Strategy helps discover a brand positioning that your audiences truly love.

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Brand Identity

Discover the potential of your brand


Having a good-looking brand is not enough. It needs to captivate your audiences and become a part of their lives.


With sustained strategic use of limited resources, you can achieve greatness beyond what leaving it to luck can bring.


Having great consistency in communication and realizes new opportunities for your brand.

Brand strategy journey

The tip of this metaphorical iceberg is the tangible aspects of the brand that your audiences see and remember. But what your audiences don’t see lies beneath the surface – the aspects of the brand that builds its foundation and depth.

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Communicating your potential

Brand Identity

Visualizing your potential

Brand Discovery

What is your potential

Brand Audit

Where are you now

Audience Insights

Comprehend your targets

Market Research

Understanding your landscape

Our approach



We ship deliverables through stages of the projects within weeks instead of months.



We craft the project around your business outcomes.



We test our hypothesis at every step, so that we can build your brand on a solid foundation.

Brand Strategy


Our strategy and design processes are easily understandable for everyone.

Our work

Ministry of Fitness

Fitness to lifestyle


Immersive luxury


Fuss-free baby wear


Yes — if you have figured out a target audience that is willing to pay for your product/service and would like to reach out to as many of them in a strategic manner.

No — if you are still working on your product/service offerings and trying to nail who your target audience is. At this stage, your brand doesn’t need widespread awareness (yet) and would likely focus more on identifying the potential audiences that care about what you can offer.

The perceived risk of investing in branding is high because of the sentiment that it is expensive and does not yield tangible outcomes.

We understand that it is not easy to consider branding and strategy while having limited resources — however, it is the very situation of having limited resources that makes strategy absolutely necessary. Without a strong brand and a strategic plan, your customers can and might easily pivot to other brands.

Yes, our consultant is a professional Practising Management Consultant (PMC) who is recognised by Enterprise Singapore. You are able to get up to 70% reimbursement for the total project fee. You will also need to meet the following criteria to qualify for EDG:
1. Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore.
2. Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding.
3. Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project.

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To accelerate any business for good, you will need solid products/services, a strategic business positioning and a well-aligned team. Branding amplifies your communication to reach all your target audiences, including attracting new talents. This helps to accelerate your brand awareness and cultivate a strong competitive advantage.

In reality, any business will only achieve some these elements over time. Great companies can achieve all of these, usually over a significant period of time. Our aim is to help you get there, as swiftly as possible.

Yes, we can design just the logo. This is typically useful if you are an early stage startup doing market testing and need a functional logo to reach out to small groups of audiences. The brand strategy is a holistic process that helps to discover the potential of creating a great brand with a unique & timeless visual identity.

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