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5 easy ways to express your brand personality

5 easy ways to express your brand personality
5 easy ways to express your brand personality

You can love or hate it, but you just cannot ignore it, that’s when your brand has a personality. Brand personality is the personification of a brand and expressing your unique brand personality helps form a deeper connection with your audience. In this article, we are sharing some easy ways you can express your brand personality.​

1. Is not all about the product

Jeffrey Gitomer said, “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” What are they buying into? Which brand would they trust more?

Trust is something to be nurtured over time, little by a little. They will trust a little more when the company is sharing about their stories of people behind making the products, how the co-founders started this business wanting to change the world, or even corporate social responsibilities efforts.

2. Be genuine

Which brand can afford to be inauthentic? Customers are becoming well-informed and overly exposed to all kinds of marketing messages at every second. The free market has honed their senses so well that they can tell in a split second whether this is another company trying to sell something inauthentic to them.

True marketing is not about selling. In his book “This Is Marketing”, Seth Godin mentions true marketing is human, and long-term. It is about building trust and that emotional connection between your solution and someone else’s need.

3. Celebrate your heroes

Yes, is not embarrassing for your brand to have heroes and idols, this make it more human. More often than not, your customers are your heroes, and your products or services make them a better version of themselves.

Apple celebrates the crazy ones, those who challenges the status quo.

Nike celebrates the athletes, helping them to expand human potential.

4. Stand for a Cause

Each of us has a compassionate side that tend to care about certain injustices, disparities, or inequality in this world. They are often shaped by our belief system or values. So does a brand, which is run by a group of people who came together with shared values and beliefs.

The Body Shop tells us that its business exists because of a core belief that business must be a force for good. They helped eradicate animal testing in the cosmetics industry, championed the changing of laws on domestic violence, and brought awareness and funding to the HIV crisis.

5. Jokes & Humor

Stop being too serious! Sometimes, sharing a good joke at the right time can tell a lot about who you are.

The 2 tech behemoths, Apple and Microsoft, fought fearlessly over world dominance, yet they love to share their bittersweet relationships over amusing ads!

Does your brand have a personality?
Does your brand have a personality?

Put on your human act, not the business hat

Expressing ourselves as individuals is not that hard, it is in our DNA, and it is what makes us human. For an organization, where do you start? How do you ensure this is done consistently as a cohesive act across all your brand touchpoints? Consider this exercise “Start with WHY” by Simon Sinek. Explore this with your team to begin the journey of discovering your brand personality.

What’s next?

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